The so-called husband and wife is a very special face, or a [face feature] owned by a couple of men and women. This kind of face can not only exist in the phase of learning, many scientific researchers also found that the longer a couple get along, then the more similar they have in appearance. Obviously, if the men and women who are born with husband and wife are married, the probability of coming together is very high.

1、the face is the “Shen” face:

The word face is the face that is longer and has a prominent chin. If both men and women have such a face and the chin is relatively smooth, then the two will soon fall in love after they meet each other. This kind of face-type male has a lot of inner feelings, and is also good at expressing his own thoughts. It can be said that the communicative ability is very good. The same is true for women who work in life. If they become husband and wife, they will live in their later years. Will be very happy.

2、The proportion of three stops is similar:

Anyone who knows the characteristics of the face knows that the upper and lower ends of the human nose can be used as a dividing line to divide the entire face into three parts, the so-called three stops. Each stop can correspond to the fortune that individuals have at different ages.

If the ratio of the three stops of a pair of men and women is very similar, then the environment in which they grow up, as well as the hobbies and hobbies they have, are similar, and are typical couples. Not only that, the two sides have similar personalities, either they are slow-moving or they are straightforward and easy to get along with. Therefore, the emotional warming of both parties after love will be very fast.

3、small eyes with big eyes:

That is to say, one of the couple’s eyes is relatively small, while the other one is relatively large. Girls with small eyes and big eyes have a big gap in their eye shape, but this is also a husband and wife. The character of the two can be complementary, and they can attract each other when they are in love, so they are called husband and wife.

A boy with small eyes is calm, strong-willed and has excellent insights, giving him another sense of security. The female character with big eyes is very lively and enthusiasm, and the attraction to the opposite sex is very good. The combination of the two will not cause contradictions due to personality reasons, but also appreciate each other’s respect. It is the best combination of husband and wife.