It is a very common thing that the dramas of this year are played every day in the world. Young men and women rarely have a love once and can enter the marriage hall. However, there are many situations in which the breakup is divided. The peaceful breakup that does not love each other is of course the best, and more is still offered by one party. One party has a complex passive acceptance, and the one who is split is more or less. Willingness. But even if you are not reconciled, there are some signs that when you reply to the breakup information, it is quite handsome, and you can even reverse the other party!


[Aquarius: Accurate]

The psychological activities of the water bottle are indeed quite rich. When a person is at home, they can play many dramas in their minds. It is really a constellation that is not easy to feel lonely and lonely. Like freedom, it will also give others freedom, and in the name of love to bind the love of people, this is not the style of the water bottle. They can live a colorful life, love is not used to sticky, have time to do something interesting together, no time and no desire to date, is a happy person.

In fact, for the feelings are weak, or the other party’s mind has changed, the sixth bottle with a particularly strong sense of water can be detected very early. It may not be clear that it is still trying to give each other a little time to consider, since the other party sent a message to break up. The water bottle knows that there is no need to consider it. There is no need to be friends after breaking up, but there is no need to be an enemy. The water bottle never likes to make things too stiff. One sentence is “acceptable”. It is good to end a relationship with ease and handsomeness. The other party will not regret it. The water bottle will not be entangled anyway.


Aries: pull black to remove ]

Aries, which is easy to act, is often quicker than thinking. It is a bit difficult for them to think twice. If you like someone, you will behave, and you will feel uncomfortable in your heart. Although the temper is a bit hot, but they are also full of passionate passion for dating, of course, dating is not the only way to eat and watch movies. Aries likes to be the leader of dating. They don’t feel tired when they arrange programs. Just as they like to take the initiative in everything, instead of accepting passive arrangements, they receive information about the breakup. At that moment, Aries really wants When the air is in the explosion, if the other party is in front of them, they may roar, but the face is just a message. Aries knows how bad it is, and the other party will not see anything. No matter what is replying, it is adding to itself. The sheep simply remove the other side of the black to remove a dragon, break up and break up, this is the handsome way they think is the most eye-catching.


[Leo: Oh]

Lions like to work hard together, do not like the constellation that is absolutely not dragging water. They are too self-respecting and too proud. In the world of feelings, they feel too good, so they may never think that they will be broken up. Instead, they will propose the party that broke up. If they propose to break up, they should behave. Very generous, not too much money. Therefore, when the lion receives the breakup information of the other party, there must be strong incredible emotions, but the self-respect does not allow them to make a hysterical reaction, and a thousand words will eventually turn into a simple “oh” word to reply. Explain that I know, not only know, but also no violent emotional ups and downs, that is, do not care, if the other party sends a message, the lion will not pay attention to it, a handsome “oh” believes enough to arouse the other party’s heart The thousand layers of waves, the proud lion wants this effect.


[Taurus: You don’t say it anymore, I’m going to say it.]

Taurus should be considered a constellation that is very calm, and don’t be reminded to think twice, because diligence is their hobby. I won’t be in love with flash marriage because I fell in love at first sight. It must be considered clearly enough, and it is enough to determine each other’s minds. Every time Jinniu’s love is serious, they are all serious in their efforts to get married. Therefore, they will never do it casually because they are angry. Because they think that breaking up is a change of heart, and feelings are there. The crack is gone. Receiving the breakup information sent by the other party, Jinniu should not reply for a long time, will carefully comb each other’s feelings in the heart, have a feeling of farewell ceremony, sorted out their own mood, Jinniu is still more concerned about face, Respond to a sentence, “You will not say, I will say it.” Anti-passive is the initiative, and my heart will not be depressed!


[Capricorn: Do not reply, do not delete, black]

Capricorn’s enthusiasm for love depends on whether the other party is equally enthusiastic. Simply put, they care about whether pay and return are directly proportional. As long as they are found to be inconsistent, the imbalance is much more serious than Libra. Capricorn cares about his image in the hearts of others, so he will not easily make words and deeds that are detrimental to his image. Therefore, it is basically difficult to hear from the Capricorn that they say that the predecessor is not good, that is, the past is like the wind. Being broken up must be a difficult thing for Capricorn, but even if they are deeply hurt, they will not make a fierce response. This kind of attack takes too much time and energy to calm down, in order to preserve face and strength. Capricorn will not respond to the information of the breakup, not only will not reply, nor will it be deleted, and the performance of his own handsome, let the other party tickle!


A love can not go to the end is already sad enough, or is the role of the breakup, depressed is affirmative. As long as you don’t touch the bottom line of law and morality, how to vent your unhappy feelings can’t be overstated, but you must believe that there will be suitable people, you can’t give up on yourself, love yourself, and believe that you deserve better.