The patient dreams of beating, and his illness will soon recover.

The businessman dreams of beating, is a good sign, can make a fortune.

The prisoner dreams of beating and will soon be released.

Unmarried people dream of beating, and it is a good sign that your love has a good luck.

Those who are preparing to take the test dream of beating, and the test results are very happy to learn and absorb.

Dreaming that my lover is beaten means that the love of the two will be deeper and their love is eternal.

Dreaming of making others beat people, people who are killed will become your best friends.

Dreaming that you beat others will be praised by others.

I dreamed of being beaten and finally killed. It is a sign that all his pains and disasters will end and he will live a very happy life.

    Zhou Gong’s dream about the dream and interpretation of “dreaming about beating”:
· Dreaming of beating people, indicating that you will have serious discord with others, interpersonal relationships are in a state of tension, and when you have difficulties, you don’t have to expect others to get help from others, so you should treat others with tolerance. Too much selfish.
· Dreaming of hitting people with shoes, indicating that the position will be promoted.
· Dreaming of hitting people with iron bars means that you are a bit selfish and cruel, and may indirectly hurt people who depend on you and believe in you, making the other person feel very sad.
· I dreamed of hitting people with crutches, indicating that I would be notorious.
· Dreaming of beating, interpersonal relationship is rising, you and anyone can be bold and active, and the people around you must be honest with you, and there will be no conflict.