In daily life and work, we often find that there are some women who have a very strong personality and are quite unconcerned. So how do we identify the strength from their facial features?

1、The forehead is wide and wide.

The forehead carries information about the strength and weakness of a person’s character, his or her intellectual performance and career success. If a woman has a high forehead, full of flesh and a quiet color, her independence is strong, she will not easily rely on men, and her mind is more flexible, more responsive, and able to adapt to her own situation. She is a typical career woman.

2、The ears are large and thick.

Seeking blessing in the ear is a classic definition of the technique. That is to say, from the ear, you can see if a person has a blessing. Under normal circumstances, women’s ears are large and thick, indicating that they have the characteristics of rich and longevity, the ears are rosy, the entrepreneurial heart is very strong, and they are down-to-earth women.

3、 eyebrows are clear and up.

If a woman’s eyebrows are bright and shiny on both sides, the representative is very courageous and dare to do it. She will not easily succumb to the pressure of life and work, and will not be arrogant and arrogant.

4、the nose is slender and tall.

The woman’s nose is slender and straight, and her nose is full of glory, indicating that her fortune is better, and she has the potential to start from scratch and cross the money. However, if the nose of the nose is hooked down, there is a characteristic similar to the Jewish nose (businessman’s nose). This kind of woman with a nose is very sultry, and the profit is a picture. The desire for control and the desire for domination are strong. This kind of strong woman is not a normal man. Subdued. So their marriage will not be very good, this is a natural thing.