What are your lucky numbers, lucky colors, and convictions that will bring you lucky, good luck colors, and let you stick to them. So today, let’s take a look at the colors that make you unlucky. Let’s take a look at the unlucky colors of the twelve constellations!

Aries: grey
Aries is a vibrant, enthusiastic constellation; character is straightforward and innocent, straight to the temper; black is white. Gray is the most sensitive color of Aries, the gray area is not clear, the color is not clear, giving a feeling of depression, this color is unlucky for them.

Taurus: red
Taurus is introverted and calm, relatively conservative and low-key compared to other constellations; therefore, Taurus is not suitable for too flamboyant colors, low-key does not appear excessively swaying colors; and red is too bright and eye-catching; the more eye-catching, the more unfortunate the color.

Gemini: Green
Gemini’s personality, mystery, fickle character, the most unfortunate color of the lively jumping Gemini is green; the ironic color, for the charismatic Gemini, represents betrayal, irony.

Cancer: Black
Cancer is introverted and not good at expression, but it attaches great importance to feelings and treats people with sincerity; therefore, the darkest and most unfortunate color of Cancer is black, black and white, and black is not suitable for good Cancer.

Leo: Green
Leo, a strong and overbearing personality, has a strong sense of masculinity; therefore, it represents the green of betrayal and is the most unlucky color of Leo. For the Leo who loves face, green is equivalent to the green hat and ironic color.

Virgo: red
Virgo typical perfectionist, the more perfect the person is, the more imperfect, the white Virgo, clean and white; but the red will appear uneasy, the gorgeous red is full of blood, the meaning of struggle, so the virgin The seat thinks that red is a bad color.

Libra: pink
The warm and watery Libra, with a gentle and friendly character, is a super warm constellation; it is a constellation full of pink peach blossoms, easygoing and friendly; but too much peach pollen is a good thing, too much pink and pink. Let him be indecisive and lazy.

Scorpio: white
Individuality arrogance, indifferent Scorpio, the sense of justice bursting out of the white and the white can not go, a piece of white, nothing can hide, lost the mysterious temperament of Scorpio; therefore white is the color of the enemy of Scorpio, unlucky.

Sagittarius: Black
Free and easy Sagittarius, like thrills, adventurous; passionate about life, they prefer bright colors; therefore black is too heavy and dark for them; black is a symbol of unlucky color for Sagittarius .

Capricorn: Dark Blue
Capricorn is a mature and stable type, full of curiosity and enthusiasm for life; and dark blue makes them feel depressed, depressed, and more tense; there is no way to relax. Therefore, as long as the relationship with the dark blue, it will become unsatisfactory.

Aquarius: yellow
The personality of the lively and cheerful Aquarius, thinking jump, advocating freedom, free and cheerful, they refuse to be rigid and conservative; like challenging colors. And yellow is a rich, rustic color, not the type that water bottles like; and things that are unlucky after exposure to yellow are easy to happen.

Pisces: purple
Love the fantasy of Pisces, blue will make him feel safe and steady; and purple will make the Pisces emotional ups and downs, the more sensitive Pisces, more likely to become more sentimental; therefore purple is a symbol of regret for Pisces, unlucky color.