Taurus male, emotional characteristics, should be able to use a few words to include: forbearance – caution – real

Taurus male’s “bearing”:

Taurus is a famous king of secret love, and may often fall in love with a person. The feelings of Taurus, although permanent, but like many boys, most of the Taurus I know and I still tend to fall in love at first sight. Of course, there may not be such a good initial image. Next, for some reason, the feelings of the two people suddenly rise to a certain height. This is very common. Many people think that the feelings of Taurus are delicate and long-lasting, and there is nothing wrong with it. But the calves, often fall in love with a girl, or optimistic about a girl, are all because of a sudden explosion, suddenly came. The so-called long-term measures for the cattle GG are nothing more than increasing the number of things, thus increasing the probability of an outbreak.

Therefore, when Taurus is secretly in love with someone, or when they are in love with someone, they are actually waiting for this so-called explosion point. Completeness and self-esteem, inferiority, and timidity are irrelevant. They always endure, all feelings are endured, dissatisfaction with you, and appreciation of you are enduring, thus accumulating powerful changes to reach their bottom line and principles.

Similarly: the calf does not like a person, and dislikes a person, it will not happen at the beginning, but once it accumulates to a certain extent, it will pour out. This is the reason why Taurus is unrequited, and often there is no prelude, very suddenly … it is very difficult to grasp them.

This is the cow’s tolerance, unlike the first nephew, the scorpion is patient to accumulate enough power. Taurus is accumulating his own strength for the limits of patience. At the time of the outbreak, the energy of the Taurus is beyond the limit, and the Scorpio is all about it. Therefore, when the scorpion and the cow fall in love, the explosion of that point, the interaction of the two people, will be like a volcanic eruption, avalanche.

“Cautious” of Taurus male:

Cow, definitely not dull! I think most Taurus will think so. When you don’t understand a thing, you are definitely not completely unclear, but we feel that there may be a better explanation. This is the caution of Jinniu, the “cautious” caused by the pursuit of perfection.

Burdocks like to control the situation and control. They are not like lions. They are lazy. They only control their own scope because they must guarantee their own freedom and will not be under pressure from the outside world. Cows like emotional passiveness because they feel that they are chased and passive, and they are very good at controlling the initiative. This is the reason why cattle choose to be passive.

The cautiousness of the cows made them the slowest of the twelve constellations in the confession. Many times, Taurus gives up saying “I love you”, or they rarely say it. Their minds are spinning fast and thinking fast. But unlike Gemini, this kind of speed is not caused by thinking objects, because they are repeatedly measuring the best way.

Taurus chooses secret love, and the characteristics of caution are inseparable. They are trying to find the most feasible way for you to accept, before they will not waste any energy, or will not try to mess. Sometimes I will do something neurotic. For example, deliberately approaching you and deliberately alienating you, the reason for these things is very simple. He is testing and testing the relationship between you. Whether it is a friend or a lover, they will try to see you with this positive and negative approach. reaction.

The “real” of cattle and cattle:

Jinniu’s love is comprehensive. When he falls in love with you, he will admit everything about you and completely pamper you. Before Taurus is in love, there must be a period of observation and consideration, except for the “bearing” and “careful” (corresponding to emotions, success rate) that I have said before. They will add a factor: “reality”

When any of the following conditions occurs

  1. Your family environment is denied by them
  2. He feels that his own material foundation is limited.
  3. When he feels that your experience is too much beyond what he can understand
  4. When he feels that you are only “sexual” in demand
  5. When your life dreams about the material pursuit, it is far from him.
  6. When your interpersonal relationship is distributed, in most people’s eyes, the image is far from what he likes.

These situations will make a Taurus completely away from you. To say the previous about emotions, about the success rate, the degree of fit, and when it comes to business. This hard indicator is devastating for a calf.

Many times, people around me tell me. There are two outcomes when dealing with Taurus:

First, I really liked this place because I didn’t know much about it. But then, as you go deeper, you find that he doesn’t understand much, and for him, you’re lost.

Second, I think they are very general, but the longer they know, the more surprises they have. The more they discover, the more it is the Taurus! It turns out that Taurus has a very practical way of his belief. It’s all so mature…