We all know that people who are full of chins have good fortune in their old age, have no worries about their money, and there is no shortage of land. If there is no chin, does it mean that the old age is bad? In fact, no chin is not really without a chin, but a chin and a neck. Close, giving people the feeling of not having a chin. So what is the fortune of a person without a chin? Is there a life without a chin?

No patience

People who don’t have a chin have no patience to deal with problems, are prone to irritability, and are not very good at memory. They are not active in marriage and family, they are sloppy, and it is very easy to divorce. This is also due to fate.

There is no beginning

People who don’t have a chin can’t always do things. There is no end to the end, no responsibility, and the ability to reconcile their subordinates in the company is limited and easy to betray. This kind of person does not have much responsibility. When he encounters difficulties, he does not think about how to correct how to solve it. He wants to escape.

Easy to lose money

People who don’t have a chin can make a fortune, but they are easy to lose money. The ability to save is not strong. When they have money, they spend a lot of money and spend a lot of money. When they have no money, they are very tight. It is recommended to develop the habit of saving. In order to avoid getting old or not enough meals.

Lack of opinion

People who don’t have a chin don’t know how to make a decision. Faced with anything, they are dragging their feet, they are unpredictable, they are not good at expressing their own ideas, and such people’s lives will be a mess.