Everyone’s life is made up of many faces, but are we on the road to what we should face in the “present of life”? Or we obviously know that there is something in our mind that we need to face, but we always use other things to shift our focus, just because it takes too much courage to face it… let us test now. What do you need most in your heart, mind, body and soul at this moment?

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Which of the following four animals do you like best? Each animal represents your innermost heart! Please choose a picture, there is a picture in the animal! Please take a normal heart and then choose a card with the first intuition~

Tarot A

Putting out your mind Now you should focus on the many blessings around you, so that you can get rid of depression, low self-esteem and weight. That is to say, the friend attracted by this card, you are likely to have weight problems. In fact, your thoughts can be turned into facts, so you should choose positive and high frequency ideas. Although it is easy to say, it is difficult to implement it, and nothing will be imperfect. Naturally, I will be useful, and accepting myself is the best way. If you live your life as a “true”, you can spread your joy and become the source of angelic initiation. Therefore, it is recommended that you cultivate your self-confidence, put down the burden of embarrassment, and seek in the process of slimming. Balance and calm thoughts.

Tarot B

The soul of wisdom Your soul is ancient wisdom, please accept it, and your knowledge can help others. You are carrying a major mission to the earth, and profound spiritual wisdom is in your body. This knowledge has accumulated many cycles, and you must recognize and learn to use it. Please share the message you received with others because it holds the key to your success. Everything will happen at the perfect time. Friends who are attracted by this card, you are about to embark on a spiritual path. Please set up your personal meditation time and do it. Please share your knowledge with others. You can go to spiritual attractions such as Stonehenge, Pyramid, etc. .

Tarot C

The dream comes true. Your desire for centrifugation is getting closer. You have a strong visualization ability, and your dream will be realized soon. Focus on what you want to achieve, and continually inject energy into your goals (if you focus on what you don’t want, then it will also appear soon). Therefore, you can imagine seeing yourself happy and being loved. Imagine your personal wish: it may be a success or driving a new car or enjoying true love. You don’t have to worry about how he will happen, it will come at the most appropriate time.

Tarot D

Purify Purify the negative people, environment and experience in your life to find true peace. Friends attracted by this card, representing your body and energy are eager to calm, it is time to rest. Please first rule out the negative factors in your life. First, find out the source of the low-frequency energy that affects you. There are people who look at and interact with themselves, and they may not be helping you to fulfill your mission in life. If you choose to continue to deal with them, it will hinder your own calm. Therefore, please do not resist this quiet gift.