Lead: News will be out of the celebrity derailment news. Celebrity derailment has caused many people to sigh that they no longer believe in love, and that more people are full of doubts about love, for fear that the other half will derail. Will your other half be derailed in 2019? Let the Tarot test of the very fortune network be your divination answer.

Divination rules:

  1. Close your eyes first, and meditation for 30 seconds;
  2. Silently recite “2019 is my good luck year?” in my heart;
  3. Select the next card by intuition.

Divination results:

Selection 1: Death

In 2019, your other half is likely to be derailed, but derailment will not break your relationship, but will bring the distance between each other closer. After derailment, the other party will discover that you are the only one. No one can replace the life partner, but whether you are willing to forgive each other, very fortune thinks that the decision is in your hands.

Selection 2: Moon

In 2019, your other half will be derailed. Your relationship is in jeopardy. You are not willing to stop here. There is always a feeling of unwillingness, but it will make you even more unwilling. Very fortune network hope that you can let go of yourself, do not endure a relationship that is not worth cherishing in the entangled emotions.

Card 3: Fool

In 2019, your other half may open a relationship with a certain opposite sex. This is not a calculation of the track, you have the final say. If you are willing to forgive each other, this matter will be lost. If you can’t accept this reality, the very fortune network hopes that you can quickly and arbitrarily, and quickly end this kind of cut and rectify the relationship.

Selection 4: Emperor

In 2019, your other half will not be derailed, but it does not mean that the other party does not want to try to love others. It may be because of pressure or because you care too much about the relationship between the two of you, so there is no derailment. Regardless of the reason, the very fortune network hopes that you cherish the two people to pay attention to reality, not to be troubled by things that do not happen.

Selection 5: Stars

In 2019, your other half will not be derailed. The relationship between you is very harmonious. The two will experience many romantic things. Both sides will create surprises for each other. Very fortune thinks that the relationship between you will be further in 2019. Development, I hope you can enjoy the beautiful love time of 2019.

Selection 6: Sun

In 2019, your other half will not be derailed, and will give you important promises. Your relationship will change qualitatively. You will find that the other party is really the true love that you should cherish in your life. The other party feels the same about you. Very fortune hopes that your love will develop better in 2019.