The lips are one of the five facial features. They can see the richness of a person, the good fortune, the strength of peach blossoms, and the fate of character. A person’s mouth is special, it must be glamorous, and the opposite sex is bursting. If the mouth is not good, then the peach blossom will definitely be less, the feelings will not fall, and the marriage will be poor. How to analyze a person’s peach blossoms through the mouth-shaped facial picture?

Thin lips, temperament
The people with thin lips are widowed, they are indifferent to nature, they are very loving, and they are also picking up waves. Sometimes they like to talk big, so the popularity is very poor. If a man is thin, he will have no fortune in his life, he can speak eloquently and indiscriminately; if a woman is thin, it seems to be passionate but also ruthless. If they have the opposite sex and pursue them, they will not refuse, but after a long time, they will start to be tired. After all, it is not a good person.

Cherry mouth is conservative
When it comes to cherry mouth, many people think it is a woman. In fact, many men’s mouths are also very small. The man with a small cherry mouth is generally small in size and conservative in character. He always loses the opportunity inadvertently, has no connection with wealth, has no courage, and is suspicious. The woman’s cherry mouth is different, and the popularity is very good. It is very popular with men. Although they are conservative and critical, they have no intentions and will enjoy life.

The squid mouth likes to smash
The so-called squid mouth refers to the sagging of the corner of the mouth. People with such a mouth type generally have no good luck. Although they work very hard, it is impossible to get a good start. Such people also love to complain, and they always chatter in life, and they are endless, and no matter how good luck is, they are stunned. Especially if a woman is a squid mouth, it is not good for marriage, because they encounter things, not considering how to solve them, but always complaining, how can they always endure as a husband, and they are not divorced.

The tiger’s mouth is a bright future.
The mouth is wide and the lips are full. It is called the tiger-shaped mouth. Most of the people with such mouth type are highly respected people. They have strong working ability, struggle spirit, bitterness in eating, and people are superior, life is rich and expensive, and the future is beautiful. . In addition, they are good people, honest and kind, and have a very good relationship with people. No matter what they do, some people will help each other and the road of life will go smoothly.

The person with square mouth is honest and trustworthy
The teeth are very tightly covered, and the mouths that are not exposed to the teeth are called square mouths. People with such mouths are good at character and keep secrets. No matter what they say, they don’t have to worry about being promoted. And they are very creditworthy, and the promised things will be done, so they have made many confidants. Coupled with good personal ability, hard work and hard work, career development is promising.