We often say that helping people is a sentiment, not helping the name. No one can ask others to do anything, because no one owes anyone. But some people obviously don’t think so. They always feel that others should help them unconditionally. Like these few people in the twelve constellations, they can’t distinguish between love and duty.


01 Aries

Ask too much for others

Aries always asks for a lot of people, and always feels that others should help them;

And if the other party does not help, they will be very angry, feel that the other party is very angry, and thus produce a variety of resentment, in front of outsiders will say a variety of bad things.

They have never thought of others helping them just to be emotional, and always want others to pay unconditionally.


02 Cancer

Very capricious

Cancer is a very self-willed person. They must get what they want, even if they may be troublesome, they feel that they should.

It seems that everyone should make way for them, even when they need it.

Cancer is selfish and self-willed. They only think about their own gains and losses, and they don’t consider whether others are willing.


03 Sagittarius

Overestimate your position

Sagittarius is a very conceited person, they always feel that they are very weighty in others’ minds;

So sometimes looking for someone to help them is also a high-profile, as if the other party can help them is the blessing of the other side.

If someone refuses them, Sagittarius will be furious and feel that the other party is deliberately looking for trouble.


04 Pisces

Get used to the help of others

Pisces was indeed a very kind person before, and their character is very lively, so everyone in life is willing to give them some help.

So basically from small to large, there is very little need for Pisces to face alone. But they regard the help of others as a must-have, so once people don’t help themselves, Pisces will complain.