This kind of situation has been mentioned before. I recently saw in the news that a computer program in the United States can identify the sexual orientation by scanning people’s faces. There is no doubt in the commentary area about its authenticity. I think, but if it is said By recognizing the phase method, I believe that there are a number of people who come out to say that they are feudal superstitions. But even if the computer program is not the essence of it? Do not think that the United States has no law. Before the First World War, experts had brought the world’s law to the United States. When the East and West were in the cold war, the US intelligence agencies had already used the law to obtain intelligence.


Here, I will talk about how the sexual orientation is judged in the Chinese traditional phase method.

Men have three kinds of phase orientation abnormalities. One has a thin eyebrow and a small eye. Both necks are white and slender, and the three are thin and small.

If there is one of the three, the sexual orientation is more or less pure. In ancient times, abnormalities in sexual orientation were not necessarily homosexual, but various other situations were included.

Women have recorded less in this respect. There are three kinds of summaries. One is dry and hard and not soft. The two face each other, the three arms, the neck, and the thick and strong.

Women rarely have complete sexual orientation abnormalities in ancient times, and the above three are types that are prone to appear.

Sexual orientation abnormality is not a disease, but an individual difference. In fact, it is not only human, but also in the animal kingdom, but the higher the proportion of lower animals.

The more prosperous a group is, the smaller the proportion will be, because it will affect the reproduction, and the other will start to decline. The proportion will increase, even for hundreds of years.