Breaking the phase is something that people are not willing to encounter. Especially for women who love beauty, any damage to the body is a bad thing. If the facial features are damaged, it is even more terrible. Although the medical science is now developed, the facial features can be improved through medical beauty, but most of the scars can not be solved 100%, and there will always be a slight scar, which makes people feel bad. Is it that the fate of the five senses is getting worse?

Eyebrows break

Eyebrows are broken, which is detrimental to the nobles. It is easy to offend the nobles, and has an influence on their fame and interpersonal relationships. It is also easy to attract criticism and frustration.

Eye break

The husband and wife palace at the end of the eye is damaged, indicating that the sexual relationship is blocked, the family will be alive, the economic situation is not ideal, and something will be damaged. If it is under the eyes, the children and grandchildren are not good, the children are difficult to discipline, and their academic performance is not satisfactory.

Nose break

The nose is a fortune, and if the nose breaks, it will cause a loss of money. There are scars on the nose, and it is easy to spend money and money, and when something is lost. If the female nose is broken, it will affect the husband and lose her blessing. If it is a male nose, you should pay attention to your health and your body will be weak.

Ear break

Destruction of the ear is a loss of life. If it is a child, the ear is broken, and the fortune before the age of fifteen is lost. The left ear is broken, not good for the father, the right ear is broken, not good for the mother.

Lip break

The mouth is broken, including the phase around the mouth, which is easy to attract troubles, affecting the development of personal career, and often encounters twists and turns.