Lead: As the saying goes, children who cry will have milk to eat, so the earthly constellation that is forbearing is destined to have no milk to eat, so the windy constellation will be hungry, and the strong and optimistic fire sign is even more hungry… Is this the case? Haven’t seen the twelve constellations crying, it must be because you have not poked the tears of the twelve constellations, the following teaches you to poke the tears of the twelve constellations in one sentence, let them burst into tears.


Crush, you are great! It is not the bloody youth who are easily encouraged, but the sand sculpture youth.

Only food and love can’t live up to it, yes, the swim ring on your stomach can prove everything.

Life is like a play, it depends on acting, and one person is decorated with multiple angles.

The shell is not strong, you are the mother’s baby.

What kind of arrogance? What is super-inferiority, but strong self-confidence, you are acting.

The poisonous tongue is always cool, and the tongue has always been cool. It is called self-satisfaction, okay? Your cockroaches are not heard at all.

Faith is love and peace? Don’t be intoxicated by the aura of the Virgin, you are just a coward who does not dare to fight.

Don’t wear a high hat for yourself, what is the Avengers Alliance? You are a scorpio alliance, bear hatred for decades, really not tired?

I heard that you are super optimistic, right, right is not the focus, the focus is no money.

If you eat bitterly and bitterly, you may not be a person, because life is ups and downs…

Do you think you are very cold? Actually you are just lazy.

Don’t dream, the ideal is full, and the reality is very skinny.