At present, most people regard Western medicine as a belief. Western medicine does have many effective means. However, only the instrument and physiological data are the criteria for judging the pain. It is actually a very backward theory. Many patients with serious illnesses find that the Western medicine indicators are all normal. Under the conditions of the situation, but in the absence of preparation, there is a serious illness.

However, Chinese medicine is in the direction of health and constant conditioning, that is, the disease is caused by the bad habits of people. Because people eat whole grains, how can they be disease-free, so they mainly rely on regulating life and assist with drugs, so they appear. The five-fowl drama, Tai Chi, qigong and other more effective adjustment methods than medicine, these are all expanded by the theory of Chinese medicine, and the West does not understand the mystery except the crazy weight-loss yoga that worships India.


There are also such related theoretical extensions in the phase method. In the previous article, the United States also has a phase method, but the direction of application is different. American scholars have studied the world of art, but only applied to the actual work, but the phase The use of reason is completely unknown.

Here to talk about it, look at the characteristics of latent illness, in order to prepare yourself and your family to be alert.

1、The eyebrows are short and the tail is scattered. The eyebrows are a picture of a good life. The eyebrows are long and dense. The air transport is long and the life is high. The short eyebrows and the eyebrows are weak. The weather is not strong first, so the body after middle age. It is easy to have big problems, and life needs to be controlled.

2、people are short or shallow, the short-term person is small, the heart is small, the more motivated, the life is not long, the person is shallow, lazy and mental state and habit is very poor, long-term sub-health.

3、meat loose skin, meat pine is mainly in a state of edema, the skin is not smooth, this is the state of blood and blood decay, physiological functions have been shown fatigue, long-term unregulated, the disease will be buried.

4、under the lips dark, the part under the lips is a barometer of toxins in the human body, like to eat and drink, people with irregular life, often accumulate many diseases in the body, will produce a black line under the lips, but if there is a lip Large dark colors have buried patients who are difficult to cure.

5、God is off the air, God is the eyes are always exposed to drunk or dim, it seems to be scattered and not gathered, air float is the entire face is floating like a layer of gray or dark, this is not only a serious illness, even life-threatening.

6、ear coke and numbness, ear coke black, for the long-term lack of kidney water, scalp numbness, the end of the whole body’s blood decline, are the performance of the building will be dumped.

These correlations, which are connected with traditional Chinese medicine, are manifested by the unique qi and blood of the human body, and are the most effective connotation of the Eastern civilization.