Many people only know the palm line by looking at the palm of their hand. In fact, they can also know the fortune by observing the size and thickness of the palm, and they can understand their fate by observing the fingerprint of their fingers. Speaking of finger thread, the folks circulated that “one fights poorly, two fights rich, three buckets and four buckets open pawn shops, five buckets and six buckets will save money, seven buckets and eight buckets test the champion, nine buckets and ten fights do not go down.” So how to thread from the hand Looking at personality traits?

Hand thread look character

0 thread character fate
People without threads are relatively poor in life, straightforward in character, good in people, relatively down-to-earth in work, serious in work, not good at playing tricks, and love and hate in love.

1 thread of character fate
Left hand: The character is firm and decisive, and the work is sometimes frustrated by the willingness to go it alone, but after that, it will adhere to the principle, but the love is enthusiastic.

Right hand: Strong personality and independence, work style with leadership style, strong work ability, but sometimes unscrupulous success, love is a popular lover type, easy to recruit peach.

2 thread character fate
The thread is on the same hand (whether left or right): the temperament is mild, the interpersonal relationship is very good, the work lacks foresight, and when there is difficulty, there are noble people to help.

Both hands have one: the character is warm and cheerful, the curiosity is strong, the work desire is not fast, the opposite sex is particularly good, but it is difficult to meet the object of their own.

3 thread character fate
The thread is on the same hand (regardless of the left and right): the character is willing to communicate, the interpersonal relationship is good, the work is hard and earnest, the leader will pay attention to it, the love is not at ease, the lover is single-minded, and the family is the type.

Threads are in different hands: personal feelings, lack of security, hard work and hard work, as long as there is a chance and enough time, they can do all kinds of work, love is not high, and can be single-minded.

4 thread character fate
The thread is on the same hand (whether left or right): the character is warm and lucid, but the heart is very lonely, the work is always centered on the individual, the arrogant mentality leads to unstable work, and there are many twists and turns in love.

Two hands are equal: two characters are low-key, talented and talented, and they are reasonable in their work. They are sincere and respectful, and they have won the respect of others. The love is smooth and will not encounter too many twists and turns.

5 thread character fate
The thread is on the same hand (whether left or right): the personality is strong, the work status is not satisfied, many things are not satisfactory, the love is not high, and a little gentle can satisfy.

character fate

Threads are in different hands: the character is more docile, the work has endurance, and there is a good development prospect. Love likes to indulge in their own idols.

6 thread character fate
The right and left hands are equal: the personality is more cheerful, loves fantasy, the luck in the work is not bad, and the frustration in love is more than smug.

Threads are in different hands: I love face, work ambition, like to develop in the field, lack of romantic image in love, a life is boring.

7 thread character fate
More left hand, less right hand: character is somewhat introverted, temper is not very good, work will stick to the end for their own goals, love is ordinary, life is safe and happy.

Less left hand, more right hand: more sensitive personality, women’s sixth sense is stronger, not good at expressing themselves, love on the wood, encounter the right opposite sex.

8 thread character fate
Equality between left and right hands: good character, frustration at work, bad luck, love is often too illusory and not happy to act.

Threads are in different hands: there are dual characters, self-esteem and ambition in work, but luck is always poor, and the most persistent person in love.

9 thread character fate
More left hand, less right hand: enthusiasm, positive work, super-strong understanding, good at flexibility, more passive in love, like to be chased.

Less left hand, more right hand: compassionate, ideal and far-reaching, love is more passive, like to be chased.


10 thread character fate
People with 10 threads are rich and expensive, good-natured, stubborn, strong-looking, weak-hearted, and more artistically successful. Luck has always been on the rise, until the old, but in love, it is a kind of love.