In the modern life of how far, there will always be a choice of diversification. The best solution when making difficult choices is to pass the Tarot divination. So, how do you ask questions as a Tarot teacher? The following five tips hope to help you.

Asking questions is really difficult compared to those fixed divination processes. Many people have influenced the analysis of divination results because they are not clear. Therefore, when you are divining, you must first clarify your own ideas (whether for yourself or for others). Think about it. For what you want to ask, you want to know the process of its occurrence. Or is it the impact of its occurrence, or want to hear suggestions and caveats, or hope to predict the outcome of the entire event, know that for the same thing, the above several need to ask completely different questions. Here, I personally hope that before you ask questions, ask yourself: What happened? So far, what is the process of this incident? Is there any influencing factor? What is your mood? Do you have Have some premonitions? What are you really worried about about this? What do you feel the least likely to do with this matter? Put these questions in your heart, I know, these problems may be just inside your heart. A pot of porridge, mixed together in a mess, but you must try to think, we have repeatedly said that the real purpose of Tarot is to interpret your heart, so it doesn’t matter if it is messy, at least, we have to be inside Tarot for your heart. Before you find the correct answer, prepare enough alternative answers for it.

Of course, if you are helping others, you have to help others to distinguish what he really wants to know. He can tell you the process, the details, but he must have a clear goal. (I heard that there is a diviner who doesn’t ask anyone what questions he wants to ask. It can be seen from the cards, and then the cards are solved. It’s really a god. I can’t do it. Maybe only the Tarot divination master or Tarot divination. Big liar can do it! However, when you have enough knowledge of your Tarot, you have a strong inspiration for the cards, you can ask for very few questions to help others. Because it’s a little bit different for a certain type of problem. Ha ha) After you figure out what you want to know, you can ask questions.

Basically, Tarot can account for any problems. However, there are a few points that need to be elaborated here. Although Tarot can take up any problems, Tarot also has projects that are not very good. Before asking questions, I hope friends will definitely Be careful and stick to it.

First, we must pay special attention to the problem of disease, curse or death. Tarot does not allow divination when others die, sickness, etc., and does not allow divination to cause illness, death, or unlucky things. I don’t think your morality is allowed! Remember, we must be loving The heart of the heart helps others.

Second, the Tarot card is not good at divination time. That is to say, for a clear time problem, Tarot is not very good at it, because there is nothing to control for the future, right, Tarot can’t (in fact, your heart can’t). So don’t ask the question “When will I get a job?” “Can I receive a letter that day?” “How long does this cold last?” If you really want to know and time It is better to change the question to “I can meet a job opportunity within one month?” “Can I receive a letter before the weekend?”, etc. However, I personally suggest that I would rather ask more questions. Still less time to ask questions.

Third, Tarot is not good at divination for a long time. For example, you can’t ask “What do I do after I retire?” “What is my final career?” “Is it happy after I got married?” (If you don’t even have a marriage partner).

Four, Tarot is not good at divination uncertain answers, such as if you ask “What is my fate?” (Your fate, besides yourself, no one can master, why bother to ask Tarot?) “Will I become Rich people?” (Unless you start making money yourself, Tarot will not give you any material help.) “How is my family?” (too uncertain, what kind of thing to ask?) etc.

Five,Things that Tarot can’t do: For example, in terms of career, Tarot can tell you that “work will be chaotic” but it can’t help you calm down the chaos. (You can ask “How can you calm down the confusion?”) You need to start by yourself. Work thread. In terms of feelings, Tarot can warn you that “there will be a misunderstanding” but it can’t help you to dismiss the misunderstanding. You need to maintain your own emotions. (You can ask “Where did you misunderstand?”). More obviously, in the study, Tarot can remind you that “there will be loose feelings” but you can’t help you to endorse, exam, right? So, remember, Tarot is just reading your heart, don’t think that there is Tarot. You have the lamp of Aladdin. The above five points are some points of attention about asking questions. As for the specific questioning method, it is to see the wisdom. According to the different problems encountered by each person, the divination’s different preferences are determined by personal divination skills.

However, the above five points still hope that friends pay attention. In particular, the first point must be observed. This is a moral issue, a matter of ethics, and a personality issue.