Moving is not something everyone is willing to do, because most people don’t move because of their new home, but they have to move because of various reasons. So big bags are moved from this room to another room, Chinese people are not like Old beauty, old Americans are used to migrating between cities, and Chinese people are used to migrating in different rooms of the same city. Of course, most of them are really the proletariat who was once regarded as the core group by the party. The predictive role of dreams can be revealed in all areas of life, which illustrates several dreams that indicate that you want to move.

First, the house flies up.

As the name suggests, the prophecy of relocation. The house in the dream is flying, indicating that the foundation is unstable, and the home is uneasy. This is no longer suitable for one’s own struggle. Under normal circumstances, this dream is often expressed in the dreams of people who want to change the industry or change the city.

Second, the house collapsed due to various disasters.

In the dream, whether it is an earthquake or a fire, and your house collapses, it means that this is a time point for you to be able to produce a tragedy, if it is telepathy or a natural warning, or because your own work mode is not appropriate. To make your home uneasy, you can use the move to resolve.

Third, the home into the water.

This kind of dream is common in family relationships, unfair reality, disputes, often quarreling, and there is no warmth in the family. There are various factors that lead to a problem, and environmental psychology (which you can also understand as home feng shui) is the most prone to crisis in family relationships, but it is a problem that people disagree. Move, your relationship with your lover will be restored. If you are a person and dream of getting into the water at home, then obviously, this is a house that can make you sick and work inefficient. Do you really want to continue living?

Fourth, often dream of being at the station or airport.

This kind of dream is reflected in the people who are thinking outside. That is to say, you don’t want to stay in this city. Maybe it is an emotional problem, maybe a career problem, no matter which one, your subconscious mind is calling for your departure. This is the allusion to Cao Cao’s “One Piece Crisp”, because its meaning is obvious: not following his own correct subconscious mind, it will lead to a big loss. Some business-type or regular national patrol-type talents that produce family tragedies are also common in this kind of dream. Of course, for such people, moving is worse than changing jobs. Therefore, such a person’s dreams are excluded.

Five, dream frequency and basically in a cold environment.

If it is single, this feature of dreams means that the yang is weak. The bedroom can have sunlight into the room for at least 2 hours a day. Even if it is a bedroom in the evening, if it is cohabiting or married, then the dream is true for couples and sisters. Very large, because the tragedy of various marriage emotions is going on, of course, the best model is people-oriented, let the husband help, but this people-oriented, in fact, the worst implementation, but a simple mode of changing rooms, can Made a good result.