Introducing the Practical Magic Tarot Deck!

Inspiration definitely came from Rookie’s aesthetic, which resonates strongly with me as it’s very DIY, zine-like. I grew up in the 90s so I have a soft spot for collage.

Connecting with Community Spirit: The Bridge Witches Tarot

It’s frustrating to me that in 2019 we don’t see remotely accurate depictions of diversity in our media. Whether it is gender, age, ability, physique – there are countless perspectives to learn from. This deck is my humble attempt to fill in some gaps.

Wayfinding: A new moon tarot spread

I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. I’ve done plenty of longer tarot readings, and pulled daily cards too.

The Two-Card Cross: A short, sweet, super-useful spread

Here’s a very simple two-card tarot spread that takes just a minute or two to read, providing a helpful dose of clarity.

Grief & Hidden Places: Dan Francis on creating the Hide Tarot

I quickly realised that, with each card, I was actually healing myself in a sense. I’m now so happy that I can hold this deck in my hand and say “here’s what I went through and here’s a physical embodiment of what I learnt

Tarot Divination: What do you need most in your heart, mind, body and soul...

Everyone's life is made up of many faces, but are we on the road to what we should face in the “present of life”?

Emotional test: choose a dagger by feeling, when will you finnish your hardships?

Select one from the following four pictures with your feeling to test If you select the image...

Is he or she a person whose love is higher than bread?

Love and bread have always been the subject of discussion in the hearts of people

Tarot Divination: How is the luck with the opposite sex in the second...

Everyone wants to bloom their luck with the opposite sex.

Tarot predicts what is the biggest reason for your weight loss failure

Summer is here, are you still trying to lose weight? Is your body able to meet your expectations?

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