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Inferring personal numerology based on personal facial features

The phase of no chin face

We all know that people who are full of chins have good fortune in their old age, have no worries about their money, and there...

Which faces of men and women can be called “couples”?

The so-called husband and wife is a very special face, or a owned by a couple of men and women. This kind of face...

Extreme person’s Facial features

As the saying goes, "the heart is born by the heart", a person's state of mind will affect his face, so from the face can basically judge a person's personality characteristics.

Eagle hook nose man’s face interpretation

When it comes to men's hooks, some people appreciate it, others shook their heads. Men's eagle hooks are somewhat rational people, wisdom is extraordinary, but...

Mouth phase analysis

Lips are one of the facial features, can see a person's wealth, good fortune, peach blossom strength, character fate, etc.

What are the characteristics of a strong woman?

In daily life and work, we often find that there are some women who have a very strong personality and are quite unconcerned. So how...

Hand thread look character

Many people only know the palm line by looking at the palm of their hand. In fact, they can also know the fortune by observing the size and thickness of the palm, and they can understand their fate by observing the fingerprint of their fingers.

How to look from the face to lurk with serious illness

At present, most people regard Western medicine as a belief. Western medicine does have many effective means.

Judging from the face how to judge whether you are gay

The more prosperous a group is, the smaller the ratio will be, because it will affect reproduction, and if a group begins to decline, the proportion will increase, even for hundreds of years.

Is it not good to have a facial division?

Breaking the phase is something that people are not willing to encounter. Especially for women who love beauty, any damage to the body is a bad thing. If the facial features are damaged, it is even worse.

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